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Level’s brand new Flames Mitt, part of its women’s Bliss collection, is the hottest mitt on the market heading into next season.

The Flames, specifically designed for women, offers a 5000 Thermoplus rating and will keep your hands toasty and ultra-comfy in the coldest, most daunting winter conditions. Thermoplus is Level’s certification and guarantee for outstanding insulation and heat retention of the natural warmth of the hands even in the worst climate conditions and certifies the ability of a glove to limit the dispersion of the natural heat of the hand and guarantees the entire production of gloves of the brand, dividing it by type of use and insulation capacity up to temperatures of -30 °.

By choosing a Thermoplus product you are therefore sure to wear a glove capable of ensuring optimal maintenance of heat even in the worst climatic conditions.

Flames Mitt – Innovative and extra warm mitten specifically designed for women’s hand

The path to the creation of this technology has not been easy. Tests, scientific research and outdoor try-outs have been central to achieving the final result. “My idea was to give customers a reference without being vague” Mauro

Level’s goal has always been to design products that follow the different morphologies of the hand, while offering different fits. Gloves assembled with the best linings, insulation, membranes and external materials in such a way that the air chamber that is formed can create perfect insulation and ideal breathability especially for those who always have cold hands.

The choice of the appropriate material for the construction of gloves is of fundamental importance in order to achieve ergonomic comfort and high thermal insulation. The thermal insulation and the moisture management of gloves made of different materials have been tested both in a climatic chamber and in outdoor conditions using wireless sensors combined with infrared thermography. The results obtained show substantial differences in terms of thermal comfort between the gloves in the same environmental conditions, proving that Level provides a great thermal comfort in all of its products.

Flames Mitt – Grey
Flames Mitt – Blue

Flames Mitt, in particular, presents a modern look thanks to the special preformed feminine cut and is made with three layers of PrimaLoft insulation, a soft insulating and water-repellent material that, unlike down, does not retain water and even in conditions of high humidity keeps your hands warm, ensuring high breathability.

The lining that covers the glove is in soft cashmere, an extremely soft and comfortable insulating material. Cashmere is a fiber obtained from a particular type of goat. It is finer, softer and about three times more insulating than normal sheep’s wool, a guarantee in keeping hands warm, dry and giving you the maximum comfort to be able to spend the whole day on the snow.

Flames Mitt also features a 3D construction, a special anatomical manufacture that guarantees a natural fit. The technique used for realizing the fingers reduces the possibility of creases on the palms and ensures high sensitivity. In addition there is a thick fur cuff that ensures optimal warmth and comfort. An ideal model to add a touch of glamor to all winter looks.

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