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Clean Up Days

A new approach to Mountain environments

Kids for the future. Throughout this past Summer season, Kinder – Joy of Moving in collaboration with AMSI and Level Gloves has organised a series of Clean-up days to raise awareness about climate change and pollution in mountain environments. The first date took place in the Veneto region and then clean-up days followed in Calabria, Piemonte, Lazio and Lombardia. Around fifty children accepted the challenge in every stop-over. Level Gloves designed and produced bibs, gloves and jute bags to collect all the rubbish amassed on location. All items produced by Level Gloves are sustainable and organic. We are extremely happy to be part of these events and so proud of the fact that young generations accepted this green challenge.

LEVEL – Green Choice Project

Alpine Glove
Eighties Glove

Green Choice is Level’s new sustainable approach: it is not only a company policy but a greener mindset. We are working to improve the ecological footprint of our products with new materials and design techniques. Recycled and organic fabrics are now used in 50% of our line. In addition, all our gloves are PFC-free and 80% don’t use any PVC for the palms. Level Green Line is made with only recycled materials, including membranes and linings. Putting this into numbers means that an Adult glove saves and reuses 12 plastic bottles. Organic materials have a positive footprint. Certified wool and leather provide extreme durability and do not pollute, from the beginning of their journey to the very end.

The path to becoming a green company can’t be walked alone. The company is working to establish a network of Green Dealers. The effort doesn’t stop at the production process. Shipping, packaging and retail should follow the very same guidelines to make the entire process sustainable. Athletes and skiers are already onboard to sponsor a green approach to winter sports. The strength of the skiing community is one of the many reasons behaviours are changing. This is leading to a closer collaboration with NGOs and environmental organisations. Level Gloves pledged to collaborate with Protect Our Winters and Save Soil. Also, during the past summer, Level Gloves organised Clean-Up Days in the Southern Alps to raise awareness among children about the effects of pollution in Mountain environments.

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