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It’s time to move toward the Green Choice 
Our history dates back to over thirty years ago in a small mountain village in Northern Italy. Our passion for winter sports and the will to spend days on the highest peaks inspired us to create the perfect gloves for every winter condition. Now, this is at risk. Climate change is getting more and more undeniable. The impact of modern production processes is not sustainable anymore, and we cannot wait without doing our part. 
Our goal is to become a fully sustainable company in the coming years without losing the performance of our gloves. As of today, we have implemented the sustainability of our products, introducing new materials, changing design techniques and removing plastics from shipping and packaging. Providing the best performances still requires the use of non-sustainable materials. In our Racing lines, we still use non-sustainable fabrics. Our Research & Development team is working around the clock to design the best possible product, aiming for the perfect balance between performance and sustainability. 
We use leather coming from certified suppliers. This is central to ensuring that the final product doesn’t carry a negative footprint. Gloves’ palms are now almost fully PVC free. More than 80% of our products are realized without the use of non-reusable plastic. We design our newest products with natural cloth, such as Swiss wool, Merino Wool and silk. Also, we switched to PFC-free treatments for our gloves. PFCs are a wide range of man-made chemicals used to waterproof outdoor equipment. 
For this upcoming season, we developed our first fully sustainable model. The Animal Junior is designed with only recycled materials, making it a milestone and the perfect green choice for many young skiers. Now, we are working on several new models to upscale the range of fully recycled products. 
Together, our skiing community is stronger. Our athletes and skiers are working with us towards a sustainable sports practice. We partner with Protect Our Winter (POW). We are aware of our ecological footprint, and we want to help the environment with small daily actions. We organize clean-up sessions to keep our own backyards in the best possible way for the next generations. We partner with ski schools and ski clubs to inspire young people to care for their local space. These activities are meant to be not only useful and educational, but also a fun way to come together with friends and family. We want to raise awareness among young skiers and motivate them to respect and cherish our beautiful mountains.
We made the green choice, now it is your turn to get onboard.

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Green Choice Project
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