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It’s all about pushing the limits. Level gloves with Biomex wrist protection can help you stay in one piece…So you’ll be riding tomorrow instead of seeing the doctor.

Levels proven Biomex wrist protection system is the result of an extensive and on-going collaboration between snowboarders, the medical community, and engineers who understand bio-mechanics. Biomex research and development is based at the Klinik Gut, center of bone and joint surgery in St.Moritz, Switzerland, where Level pros and physicians design and develop the most advanced wrist support technology on the market – the Biomex Plus. For beginners, the most frequent cause of a wrist fracture in snowboarding is a backwards fall. For more experienced riders it’s a a front and sideways fall.

There are many wrist guards on the market, but based on their design, they don’t all deliver the same degree of safety performance.

How do you get hurt?

During a fall your wrist is put in hyper extension (fig.1) (The back of hand is pushed towards the forearm).

In addition to this hyper extension, the wrist often experiences two types of twisting forces technically referred to as pronation (fig.2)

And radial adduction (fig.3). It’s the combination of these three forces that most often causes a wrist injury such as a wrist fracture.
Most wrist guard systems deal with hyperextension alone, but the Biomex system addresses all three of the forces that contribute to wrist injury. Standard wrist guards frequently push the fracture further up the forearm (fig.4).

Why is Biomex a better wrist guard?

Wrist guard

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DOUBLE DENSITY MATERIAL Higher resistance and better comfort
SINGLE DENSITY MATERIAL New ergonomic shape for better comfort and ease of movement
The Biomex System can be used with or without removable lining thanks to its self adjustment mesh found on all versions.
Snowboard protection specifically designed for women’s hands for improved fit and comfort
Specific designed for skiers, shorter and harder material, it is attached to the lining and fits anatomically to the hand.
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