Level  Fit System

In close partnership with athletes, our Research and Development team has crafted a Fit System tailored to the precise needs of skiers and riders, guaranteeing the ideal blend of performance, fit and unrivaled comfort. Our commitment is reflected in the categorization of our gloves into three distinct fits, each thoughtfully engineered to cater to the unique anatomy of both male and female hands. This system is ensuring that every glove is a perfect match for your performance requirements, providing you with the ultimate skiing or riding experience.


Ski: Elevate your powder adventures with our Relaxed Fit gloves, designed for those who relish the thrill of fresh snow. The generous cut offers a roomier fit, accommodating skiers who prefer more freedom of movement without sacrificing warmth. These gloves are your trusted companions when the mercury drops, providing enhanced protection against the cold while ensuring your hands remain comfortably snug. With this style, you’ll experience the perfect balance between warmth and sensitivity, allowing you to stay in control and fully immersed in the powdery wonderland.

Snowboard: Our snowboard-style gloves shine in the realm of protection and performance. Primarily crafted for our Biomex line, these gloves strike the ideal equilibrium between warmth and comfort. The Relaxed Fit ensures ample space for housing Biomex technology, offering unparalleled wrist protection while you conquer the slopes. Whether tackling challenging terrain or perfecting your tricks in the park, these gloves keep you warm, comfortable, and ready for anything Mother Nature throws your way.


Ski: For skiers seeking an elevated level of warmth and exceptional comfort, our Natural Fit gloves are the perfect choice. Crafted to provide the utmost coziness without compromising precision and sensitivity, these gloves are your go-to companions when the temperatures plummet. With a design that naturally conforms to your hand, they offer a snug fit that ensures you stay warm while maintaining the dexterity needed for precise movements on the slopes. These gloves strike the perfect balance between heat and control, making them the ultimate choice for cold-weather skiing adventures.

Snowboard: Embraced by LEVEL’s pro team as their top pick for cold weather, our Natural Fit gloves offer a winning combination of style, comfort, and functionality. These gloves are your trusted companions for braving the chill in style, ensuring you’re both fashion-forward and protected against the elements. With their exceptional warmth and form-fitting design, they provide the ideal blend of comfort and control, making them the go-to choice for demanding snowboarding sessions. Conquer the cold confidently, knowing your hands are well-equipped for peak performance.


Ski: Our Slim Fit gloves are precision engineered for the demands of World Cup athletes, ensuring an impeccably snug fit that grants them unparalleled feel and control while hurtling down the racetrack. Designed to be exceptionally form-fitting, these gloves allow our elite skiers to maintain a direct and responsive connection with their ski poles, enabling them to unleash their maximum potential on the slopes. With a focus on precision and performance, these gloves are the preferred choice for those who demand nothing but the best in their pursuit of victory.

Snowboard: The Slim Fit style isn’t just about function; it’s also a statement of fashion-forward flair. Designed to be sleek and snug, these gloves cater to riders who understand that a better fit translates to better board and freestyle ski control. Beyond their snug embrace, these gloves feature a palm reinforced with special technology, amplifying your grip on the board. Whether carving through fresh powder or mastering tricks in the terrain park, these gloves offer the ideal blend of style, fit, and performance, empowering you to ride at your very best.
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