At LEVEL, we’re proud to uphold stringent standards in crafting premium gloves. Our commitment to responsible practices begins with sourcing leather from LWG (Leather Working Group) certified tanneries, ensuring quality and environmental responsibility. Leather, an enduring symbol of sporting tradition, embodies our athletic heritage. It’s both beautiful and functional, offering remarkable suppleness for an unrivaled, sport-specific fit. LEVEL products in white color leather are chrome-free, and we are actively working to extend this treatment to dyed leather as well. The next step in our journey is the implementation of vegetable treatment, further enhancing the eco-friendliness of our gloves. Our meticulous leather selection process, honed since 1989, ensures our gloves meet diverse needs, whether it’s the rugged reliability of waterproof goatskin, the soft embrace of sheepskin, or the precision and grip of the finest quality leather. LEVEL gloves are a fusion of elegance and functionality, reflecting our deep reverence for leather.
Waterproof goatskin:
A soft waterproof leather, used mainly for ski gloves in areas which are exposed to high abrasion such as the palms or between the thumb and index finger.
Sheep Skin:
A very soft leather used for women’s gloves, especially on the back of the hand to give the glove extra softness.
Goat Skin
This leather is used on the palms of freeride gloves, its exceptional waterproof resistance keeps the glove dry and long lasting.


Quality Control and Direct Commitment: Thanks to our direct involvement in material selection, Level maintains 100% quality control over glove production. For us, the value of “quality” begins with the careful selection of fabrics, ensuring effectiveness in performance, comfort, warmth, durability, and resilience. Fabric Selection:
We pay great attention to fabric selection, grounded in cutting-edge research and expertise with a strong quality focus. Our R&D team even visits international expos to discover new materials, tests them in our labs, and manages them directly to ensure the quality of the end product.
Fabric Certification:
All fabrics used in Level gloves come from specialized suppliers that guarantee certifications for every material.
Recycled Fabrics:
Most Level products are now made using certified recycled materials, ensuring a sustainability level significantly above the market standard in the glove industry.
Collaboration with Designers and Influencers:
Collaborating with international designers and style influencers ensures our fabrics follow the latest trends and offer exclusive features that make them unique.
Resilience and Testing:
Level, as the inventors of the first snowboard glove, boasts extensive experience in this segment. This experience helps us develop abrasion-resistant gloves. We subject fabrics to rigorous tests to ensure seam and water resistance.
Thread Selection:
A testament to our quality pursuit is thread selection. Level employs four types of threads, tailored to specific product categories. The use of Polyester, Nylon, Kevlar, or Dyneema depends on the product type to ensure the best effectiveness in terms of strength, performance, and comfort. Level also provides manufacturers with specific instructions for proper thread use.
Racing Line:
Thanks to collaborations with some of the world’s most successful athletes, we’ve created a “state of the art” racing glove line, utilizing materials such as Superfabric, Dyneema thread, Custom Fit, Graphene lining, and the Kirax system to achieve maximum protection and performance without sacrificing warmth.
Mountain Line:
Collaboration with mountaineers and guides, notably with internationally renowned climber Marco Confortola, has allowed us to develop gloves that withstand the harshest wear and extreme temperatures at 8,000 meters.
Women’s Line:
Collaboration with international athletes and designers has resulted in a collection that combines fashion and sportiness, using high-quality fabrics like merino wool and waterproof velvet, offering the advantage of very soft yet durable leathers.
Junior and Kids Line:
For this line, we’ve focused on highly waterproof and breathable fabrics, creating a colorful, high-quality collection. In summary, Level emphasizes innovation, athlete collaboration, and quality in material selection and production, resulting in a wide range of products, each with a specific focus on customer needs.
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