Web Glove

Web Glove

Pipe great value glove, 4-way stretch material; one of level park and pipe favorite. Light weight and so stylish.

18 Black-Grey
Web Glove
6 - XXS
Web Glove
6,5 - XS
Web Glove
7 - S
Web Glove
7,5 - SM
Web Glove
8 - M
Web Glove
8,5 - ML
Web Glove
9 - L
Web Glove
9,5 - XL
Web Glove
10 - XXL
  • 18 Black-Grey

Warmth Index

Warmth Index
  • Warmth Index:

      To facilitate the choice of the perfect glove in all weather conditions, LEVEL has developed a 5-level thermal certification index, from cooler to warmer. Only top-quality materials and multi layers technology in order to reach the highest insulation on the market.


Level produced this model to create the perfect glove for halfpipe freestyle skiers and snowboarders. The Web has a unique design and it’s made of 4-way stretch material to make it extremely comfortable while jumping and moving in every direction. The adjustable strap provides the best fit and makes it easier to wear your gloves underneath your ski jacket. The Web is available in three colours with asymmetric design. The Italian artist B-Simo and the Austrian snowboarder Thomas Feurstein created unique designs with patterns and shiny colours to make every run your best run.

Technical Features

  • Fabric Glove:
    • The sublimated fabric is laminated with a process that permits to add a breathable waterproof membrane to the outer material, optimizing warmth and comfort while keeping the hands dry.
  • Palm:
    • A silicone pattern applied to the palm. Provides excellent waterproofing, improved sensitivity, and exceptional grip.
  • Lining:
    • Polyester lining
  • Fit:
    • SKI STYLE: for our World Cup athletes who need a perfectly tight fitting glove allowing them to have great feel when holding the ski poles so they can perform their best on the racetrack. SNOWBOARD STYLE: this is a fashionable product; the better fitting the better the rider can grab their board or freestyle skis. Apart from its tight fit the palm has a special reinforcement to increase the grip.
  • Features:
    • Short cuff, Sublimation on back & palm


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