Ski Alper Light Glove

Guanto con tessuto anti-vento e I-Touch. Ideale per lo sci primaverile o per le attività invernali che richiedono un’elevata resistenza. Il guanto LEVEL Ski Alper presenta una costruzione a dita preformate per una vestibilità e un comfort ottimali.

Ski Alper Light Glove
Ski Alper Light Glove
Ski Alper Light Glove
Ski Alper Light Glove
Ski Alper Light Glove
Ski Alper Light Glove
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The lightweight champion of mountain gloves

The Ski Alper Light is the perfect companion to enjoy the last snow in the springtime. This model provides warmth and protection when Winter comes to an end in the mountains. The Merino Wool lining keeps your hands warm and dry, while a wind and rain cover could be easily worn from where it is stored in the pocket on the back of the hand. The Ski Alper Light also comes with a peephole to check your watch without exposing the body to cold temperatures. The palm is made of goat leather to maximise protection and grip on the ski poles. A safety leash lets you secure the gloves to the wrist. Also, the I-Touch technology allows the use of this model with smartphones.

Technical Features

  • Fabric Glove:
    • A thin fabric designed to resist wind chill and light rain. It is of lightweight construction and made of a synthetic material.
  • Palm:
    • Abrasion-resistant goat leather patches on palm and index finger for both stretch and durability.
  • Lining:
    • 100% Recycled Polyester lining from plastic bottles
Dry Technology
  • Wind breaker:
    • A thin fabric lining designed to resist wind chill and light rain. It is of lightweight construction and made of a synthetic material.
  • Fit:
    • SKI STYLE: for our World Cup athletes who need a perfectly tight fitting glove allowing them to have great feel when holding the ski poles so they can perform their best on the racetrack. SNOWBOARD STYLE: this is a fashionable product; the better fitting the better the rider can grab their board or freestyle skis. Apart from its tight fit the palm has a special reinforcement to increase the grip.
  • Touchscreen:
    • The “I-Touch” system allows you to use your smart phone without having to remove the glove.
  • Features:
    • Short cuff, Cabrio cover, Watch window, Safety leash


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