Kirax System

Level is the first company to introduce the exclusive kirax system into its ski gloves. This innovative technology stimulates the body’s neurological system in a unique way to enhance reaction time, performance, and a sense of general well-being.

The Kirax reflex stimulator has been thoroughly tested and integrated into the design of level gloves. The design maximizes comfort while gently massaging nerve centers on the back of the hand to jump start the body’s reflexes.


Kirax is a natural reflex stimulator.

How does the Kirax reflex stimulator work?
Kirax exerts gentle pressure to stimulate the skin’s reflex system in a specific joint area where nerves concentrate. The brain instantly receives the increased neurological flow generated by kirax and responds by delivering increased functional capacity to the nervous system.

Benefits of the Kirax reflex stimulator.

Performance and energy:

  • more strength
  • more endurance
  • better balance
  • faster reflexes well-being
  • helps to reduce fatigue
  • helps to reduce pain…during and after sports
  • helps to reduce the risk of injury

The Kirax reflex stimulator increases confidence and athletic performance.

  1. Increased: performance energy well-being.
  2. Increased reflexes.
  3. Natural reflex stimulator