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Andri Ragettli

Who would you like to have a selfie with?
Shaun White. I really admire all of his achievements.

Do you have a mascot, a lucky charm?
A mini crystal globe… a gift from my mother for winning the FIS Overall Slopestyle Series in 2016.

Which winter sports do you frequently watch besides freeskiing?
I love the Snowboard Halfpipe.

What was the latest concert you went to?
Actually I have not been to a real concert yet, I am not very much going out at nights

What do you like the most about your Signature LEVEL gloves?
I very much like the design with the astronaut. The split mittens are maybe not very common to look at, but the grabs are much easier to handle., so I really dig that too.





Gravity what? The laws of gravity don’t seem to apply to Andri Ragettli – and that’s the concept behind his three unique Pro Models. Featuring a rocket-spaceman graphic, the ARs’ offer the comfort and traction you need to perform well in all weather condition from summer to winter.

Andri, at 19 years old, is a Swiss skier of a rare talent that has earned him podium finishes at Slopestyle and Big Air events all over the globe.