trend line
Hard Core light-weight line for all-mountain freestyle, parks and pipes with an emphasis on style and performance.

suburban mitt

thunder xcr

pipe rock
all mountain line
We are very excited with what this team brings to LeveL and what we have planned for the coming season. Here their products!


off piste short

women's gravity xcr
protection line
Our most distinctive line featuring Biomex technology, a built-in wrist guard that helps reduce the risk of wrist injury while snowboarding.

women's half pipe mitt xcr

half pipe xcr

women's half pipe xcr
freeride line
High-tech materials. No compromise. Great fit, warmth and breath ability.

matrix under mitt

star mitt

matrix under trigger
leather trend line
The Leather Trend design is very fresh and new with clean lines, inspired by the 70’s, rich in details and solutions provided by the athletes who launch the latest trends.

rexford trigger

double trick

leather alpine line
The main feature of this segment is leather, gloves such as Bomber, Type and classic, are unique for softness and at the same time for warmth and resistance.

women's type

demo pro mitt

women's type mitt
racing line
Level is bringing a new face and a fresh attitude to RACING…young, energetic, stylish, and a no-compromise commitment to performance.

sq cf mitt

sq cf

sq rocker cf
ski alpine line
The Ski Alpine line segment consists of extremely technical gloves, thanks to the high-quality materials employed.

women's radiator xcr

women's sonic ws

clever cf
bliss line
Specifically designed for women’s hands for improved warmth, comfort, and sensitivity.



venus mitt
junior line
Level’s junior gloves are loaded and ready for kids who charge. These gloves are no-compromise performers built with the same technology as their adult counterparts.

super baby mitt


junior's alpine mitt
overgloves line
No skier or trendLine should be without a pair of these ingenious sleeping bags for your hands.



beanies line
Designed to provide optimal warmth from cold harsh winters.



bliss beanies line
Designed for women for optimal warmth and comfort.



ski poles line
Level ski poles for maximize strength and performance.


4 star

accessories line
Check out our tees, team back and new bagpacks!

ski strap

ski pole